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We have various machines and equipments for stamping and injection, we can finish many products in house ourself.

OEM/ODM Capability:

Our engineering department works with the most advanced CAD and ProE software to design not only connectors, but custom products as well. our engineers also design our injection molds and progressive stamping dies. Continual research is in progress regarding new materials and techniques.

Number of Production Lines: 6 lines

Size of Factory in Square Meters: 6500 squares

Staff Details:

QC Staff: 10 to 19

R&D Staff: 10 to 19

Years of OEM/ODM Experience: 15 years

The molding room on show.

A corner of assemble line, we provide custom connectors and providing a one-stop solution.

QC equirements, Quadric detection machine and electron mirror microscope.

Contact Us

Contact: Steven Zeng

Phone: 86 0 752 3391501

Tel: 13798308364

Email: biz@zyszindustry.com

Add: C12-1501, Xinghedandi, Huiyang, Guangdong, China

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