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About ZYSZ

ZYSZ INDUSTRY CO.,LTD was established in 2002 year,a professional manufacturer of electronic connector industry; also we build all tooling for mould, stamping and injection and production.

Our factory covers area of 6, 500 square meters with more than 185 staffs and strictly follow ISO 9001:2000-certified operation.

Product service's range:

  • Connector product series
  • Mould & tooling ( stamping/inject )
  • 3D print services and CNC

Connector products:

Including headers & Sockets,RJ45 connectors,DIN41612, D-SUB,USB connector,PLCC, SIM card,DVI,FPC connector,IDC connector, Board to Board connector,Power connector,Phone jack,Cable connector and Coaxial connector and so on.

Mould & tooling:

We produce the metal mould and plastic mould according as customer's drawing or design. OEM or RD is accept. We have a excellent team of engineer with great experiences more than 20 years.

3D print services and CNC service:

You only send the 2D and 3D drawings, then we almost can do it for you.

Professional Team : We have a full team that strictly inspects our production process from raw materials to finished products. We have 12 R&D personnel and 18 engineers with more than average 8 year' experience in this field,some engineer work in this feild more than 25 years.

Our annual export volume of $6.5 million, some customer from Foxconn and Dell,we now have overseas partners in over 20 countries around the world. Our products are exported to Asia, Europe, the Americas and the Middle East and so on.


Contact Us

Contact: StevenZeng

Phone: +86 013798308364

Tel: +86 015019809488

Email: biz@zyszindustry.com

Add: C12-1501, Xinghedandi, Huiyang, Guangdong, China

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